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Server settings

Upon adding the bot to your server you can use x!server setup to enter a prompt which will ask your for a timezone and allow you to optionally set a countdown channel.

Settings can be updated with the x!server set command:


x!server set timezone: America/New_York

x!server set timezone: Europe/Paris locale: fr-FR

The command takes one or more options, each option name being followed by a colon (:) and your input.


Set the command prefix with x!server set prefix: <prefix>


Set the server's default language with x!server set locale: <locale>

See locales.


Set the server's default timezone with x!server set timezone: <timezone>

See timezones.


Set the countdown channel with with x!server set channel: <channel>.

<channel> Can be a text channel mention, name, or ID.

You must also set enabled to be true to enable the countdown!


⭐ This is a premium option.

Set the countdown mention role with with x!server set role: <role>.

<channel> Can be a role mention, name, or ID.


⭐ This is a premium option.

Enable or disable autotoggle with x!server set autotoggle: <boolean>.

When this is set to true, the value of the enabled option will automatically be toggled on the 1st December and 26th December.

<boolean> can be:

  • on/off
  • true/false


Enable or disable the countdown with x!server set enabled: <boolean>, or use x!toggle

<boolean> can be:

  • on/off
  • true/false


⭐ This is a premium option.

Enable or disable mention with x!server set mention: <boolean>.

<boolean> can be:

  • on/off
  • true/false

Last update: December 7, 2020